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Constructing Butterfly Houses

The Kindergarten students will tend to a butterfly garden, plus build and decorate a butterfly house. The students will be able to identify plants that attract butterflies and describe the habitat of a butterfly and determine the importance of a butterfly house. Their importance lies in encouraging backyard habitats suited to local and migrating butterflies.



Constructing Bird Feeders out of Recyclables

The first grade student will construct one type of bird feeder by repurposing a plastic soda bottle and be able to identify sunflower as a feed for birds.         



Constructing and Utilizing A Rain Gauge

The 2nd grade students will learn how to build and read a rain gauge. The students will then record data and present their data on a graph.



Growing Bonnie Plant Cabbage Plants

The 3rd grade students will grow a cabbage plant in order to understand where food comes from, healthy eating and raise their environmental consciousness.



Trout in the Classroom

GREEN Charter has partnered with the SC Department of Natural Resources and Trout Unlimited in order to raise trout from eggs to fingerlings. Students are responsible for the daily care and maintenance of the fish. Once the trout are about 2 inches in length the students release them into a freshwater stream at Table Rock State Park. This program is designed to raise awareness of Trout, freshwater conservation and recreational fishing.



Meal Worm Farm

The 4th grade students will grow, observe and harvest  a meal worm farm in order provide a healthy supplement for our laying hens.



Rain Barrels

6th grade students will harvest rainwater in order to provide irrigation to our chicken garden.

all year


4-H Rockets to the Rescue:

In light of the recent natural disasters such as Typhoon Haiyan, National 4-H Council is asking youth to design and build an aerodynamic food transportation device that can deliver a payload of nutritious food to disaster victims. The students  will learn engineering concepts, develop math skills, learn about nutrition and help solve a relevant, global issue.



Raising Laying Hens

The students of GREEN Charter  are raising laying hens in order to explore the symbiotic relationship between humans, chickens and the environment. The students care, feed, and interact with our flock in order to collect eggs, observe behavior,and grow feed.

all year

GREEN 2013 Festival of Trees

Every student at GREEN Charter School, grades K-6, repurposed, cut and painted plastic two liter and water bottles along with paper towel and toilet paper tubes to decorate our tree. Our after-school knitting club made "plarn" (yarn made from repurposed plastic bags) which was crocheted into our tree skirt. Everyone worked for weeks in art class making the ornaments and we think their enthusiasm and creativity shine through!

GREEN (Greenville Renewable Energy EducatioN) Charter School is an engaging and innovative community that educates students in traditional subjects while integrating enriched math and science curricula. Our mission is to develop an understanding of environmental sustainability, renewable energy and technology, to enhance students' achievements and make a difference in the world.

Our students proudly submit this tree to the St. Francis Foundation 2013 Festival of Trees and join together to wish the Greenville community a Joyful Holiday Season.

Metric Olympics

As a culminating measurement unit activity, the fourth graders participated in the "Metric Olympics" today. They had to estimate in centimeters the following events: paper plate discus, straw javelin, cotton ball shot put, and big foot contest. The winner of the Olympics were the students who estimated the closest to the actual measurement. The fifth graders will enjoy this fun event later this week!

Big Bad Wolf

Sixth graders were lawyers, judges, wolves and pigs!! The students in Mrs. Steverson's ELA class participated in a mock trial case for Mr. Alexander T. Wolf. After weeks of writing arguments using supporting evidence, the students became characters in the trial of the "Big Bad Wolf". The class participated in several different facets of Due Process; they even had the opportunity of selecting a foreperson for their jury. The students were asked to improvise on the script they were given, and both attorneys were given the opportunity to write their own opening and closing arguments. The students really enjoyed participating in the mock trial experience. Mrs. Reid's class joined in as the class' audience. ( And if you're wondering, the jury did rule in favor of the defense!)

Kindergarten studies Picasso, Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci

Mrs Princes Kindergarten class during related arts with Mrs. Mendiola learned and talked about Van Gogh. Kindergarten learned about Van Gogh`s artwork and about his life in general. The class studied Van Gogh`s painting of "Starry Night" looking at what colors he used. The students where then given small balack and white version of painting. The student`s completed their small paintings using the same colors Van Gogh used. After the students finished the small painting the following week they started on the large scale version that the whole class participated in. The students finished off the painting by including a "gold" frame around it like the original painter. would do during tha time period.

Readers Café

Ms. Renninger's Rock Stars rocked out their opening day in Ms. Renninger's Readers Café. Students got to share their Fractured Fairy Tales in the spotlight and drink some hot chocolate as they listened to the creative stories. Since opening day was such a success, we look forward to many more days presenting in the Reader's Café in the near future!

GREEN Kindergarten Thanksgiving Project

GREEN Kindergarten Thanksgiving Project (6 photos)
During the month of November Kindergarten has been studying about the history of the Thanksgiving holiday. They learned about the Pilgrims' voyage to America on the Mayflower, the hardships they endured on their quest for freedom and the Native Americans who befriended them and taught them how to grow corn and how to survive in the new world. . As part of their math and science lessons they studied cranberries. They estimated and counted how many cranberries were in a bag, (238). They used the scientific method to observe the cranberries and gather information and form hypothesis such as do cranberries bounce? They do! Do they sink or float? They float! Then they opened them up to figure out why and they learned that each cranberry has small air pockets filled with tiny seeds. These pockets make them bounce and float. They performed a taste test on fresh cranberries to see if they were sweet or sour. They are sour! Then they made fresh cranberry sauce from scratch. To culminate the unit, each student decorated a recycled grocery bag with Native American symbols to make a vest. They also made turkey headbands to wear to their special Thanksgiving celebration, giving thanks for food, family and their wonderful GREEN Charter School!