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2014 PASS results are in, and they are FAN-TASTIC!!!!!

The above link takes you directly to the PASS results for our school. Our kids were AWESOME.

The below link takes you to the list of SC school districts. (We are part of the SC Public Charter School District.) Here you can pull up other Greenville (or other) County Schools to see how we compare. As I said, we are extremely competitive in our numbers, being right up there with the BEST in Greenville.Be sure to note Column E which shows total percentage of students who passed the subject material by scoring Met or Exemplary AND Column D which shows the total percentage of students who received Exemplary status. Although some schools were in line with our total numbers (column E), we rocked the Exemplary numbers (column D) in most grade levels!!!

2014 Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (PASS) Test Scores (SC School Districts)