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GREEN Charter’s Energy Education


In order to support the mission of GREEN Charter we have implemented an extensive Energy curriculum. Utilizing  NEED (National Energy Education project) materials and activities the children of GREEN Charter are quickly becoming stewards of Energy Education.


Energy Education Across the Grades



Energy Topic



“All About Trash”

The students are introduced to the concepts of trash disposal and its associated energy implications using bold graphics, simple words, sentences and graphs. Students enhance their reading comprehension, graph analysis, and artistic skills.

1st grade

“The Sun and Its Energy”

“The Sun and Its Energy” is an inquiry based units. Hands-on investigations and explorations introduce students to Solar Energy. Have you ever eaten a cookie that is baked in a Solar Oven? GREEN Charter 1st graders have!

2nd grade

“Science Of Energy”

This unit includes hands-on experiments exploring the fundamental concepts of energy.Students explore the Science of Motion, Heat, Sound, and light.

3rd grade

“This Mine of Mine”

Coal generates approximately 40% of the United States Electricity. Coinciding with the 3rd grade Rocks and Minerals unit the 3rd grade students will explore the formation, geology and uses of coal. Using sand, clay, soil and rock the students build a miniature plot of land containing coal deposits. Students then learn about surface mining and recovering coal from the Earth.

4th and 5th grades

Science of Energy

Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

The students build upon what was learned in 2nd grade about the different forms of energy. They conduct experiments on chemical energy, solar energy, and mechanical energy. Next, an intensive unit of study on Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources is implemented. At the end of the unit the students complete project boards, perform plays, and sing songs at an evening Energy Expo.

Middle School

Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Sources

The students are introduced to more in-depth information about Energy and explore the politics and economics of Renewable Energy.