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Please join us in raising funds for GREEN's Sport Court!

sports greenAs many of you know, we have been planning to build a sport court that contains fully-lit, full-size tennis and basketball/multi-use courts with a 10-foot perimeter fence. Our students will be able to participate in games such as tennis, basketball, volleyball and kickball during PE and recess. With the addition of this court, we are also pledging to provide more recess time to all students in grades K-6!GREEN Charter...

This project will also include a modification of the carline exit lane to allow more room for cars, trucks, and SUVs to “get by” each other where the traffic is going both directions nearest the cafeteria.

The cost was estimated to be around $130,000, and GREEN’s Board approved using funds from our budget to pay for this upgrade. However, after numerous planning meetings, the city reviewed the design and determined that we would require costly additions including grading, a retention pond, underground water drainage, and a concrete sidewalk. These design changes increased the cost of this project to around $230,000.

We are requesting your help! This is the first time we have asked for donations from our families, so we hope to have 100% family participation in raising the $100,000 additional expense. Anyone can donate including other family members, friends, and businesses.  

We will thankfully accept any donation. No amount is too small to help build this great space for our kids!!!

donationbar5Your donation is tax-deductible and can be given via PayPal or check.

We would like to conclude this campaign by end of February. We will post a fundraising update on our website and Facebook on a weekly basis.


Remember: It's not ALL academics at GREEN Charter School!


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