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green student1OWL Cash
Teachers will be using OWL Cash to reward good behavior. OWL cash can be used for special privileges or the purchase of school supplies and novelty items. The Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Sara Hamby, is working on the OWL Cash program and would love to receive donations that may be used as OWL Cash rewards. Here are some things you might be able to donate:
unused party favors/trinkets
clean, gently used, small value toys
branded items from your business--pencils, pens, rulers, hacky sacks, frisbees
larger value items like unwanted birthday gifts
unwanted gift cards
passes to local attractions
If you have a question about whether certain items might be used as OWL Cash rewards, please email Mrs. Hamby at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Any items that are donated and cannot be used will be donated to a local charity unless you include a note requesting their return.

OWL of the Month
GREEN Charter School recognizes our respectful, responsible scholars each month through a student of the month program we call “Owl of the Month.” Homeroom teachers in Kindergarten through 5th grades may identify one to three students who exhibit the characteristics of a respectful, responsible scholar. Teachers in grades 6-8 will select two students per grade. These students are honored with a certificate, sticker, and OWL Cash.
If you wish to make a contribution toward this program, the school will be happy to issue a tax receipt.