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Ph:(803) 563-5387 | Email: midlands@scgreencharter.org

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The GREEN Charter School will:

Employ a hands-on, inquiry-based education program that utilizes research-based proven teaching methods and performance based accountability measures.
Offer free after-school and weekend tutoring programs for students at risk of academic failure and in need of extra help.
Prepare students for regional, statewide, national, and international competitions.
Utilize current best practices in teaching to improve student learning in all areas.
Offer after school clubs and activities.
Provide opportunities for all students and close the gap for the disadvantaged students with the proven math and science programs that work for at-risk students, as well as academically gifted students.
Create new professional opportunities for teachers, including the opportunity to be responsible for the learning program at the school environment.
Partner with leading institutions in the Upstate, including the Shi Center for Sustainability at Furman University and I-CAR of Clemson University.


Features of the GREEN Charter School:

To ensure every student is green/renewable energy literate upon graduation.
To embed the curriculum with sustainable green practices that students ultimately adopt into their daily lives.
To build relationships with local institutions in order to provide real-world connections and opportunities for applied learning.
Students will have the knowledge and ability to think critically about some of America's complex energy and climate change challenges and recommend developmentally appropriate solutions.
Students will engage in renewable energy activities that demonstrate how the marketplace and our political system govern the way energy decisions are made.
To implement well-defined curriculum, supported by research and with a strong emphasis on science and renewable energy through technology integration.


The GREEN Charter School Will Offer:

Elementary, middle school and high school (K-12) education.
An instructional program aligned with South Carolina Standards as well as with nationally recognized standards, such as National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards and National Science Education Standards.
A truly rigorous college preparatory environment.
A low teacher/student ratio.
Brand new classes & cutting-edge technology.